First traces

May it be that by finally cruising Loch Ness like I had wanted to since I was a child I am more attentive at the moment or because I am still very relaxed, but today when I heard a funny little scratching sound I reacted faster than the last times.
Just when I came around the corner into the tall guy's room, I saw something disappearing on the big armoire we have standing there and I tried to take a quick picture while it was running away. I couldn't quite see what it was, but it looked as if it had a long tail.
When I checked the picture, I was really reminded of Nessie pictures because as you can see, there is no telling what it is no matter how much you edit the picture. Not even Agent Mulder would be convinced by this!
But I am not giving up yet, believe me!

When I looked around a little more, I found this, another nest. It had been a whole month since I found the last ones, but I feel I am getting closer and closer to the solution ...

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