Still too hot

The last days were too hot for me. I am not a hot kind of girl, ehm, temperature-related, that is. Of course as a person I ... ugh, better not get into that now? ;-)
Today when it started raining I thought my suffering was over, but it wasn't. Outside it is quite nice now, but within these walls the heat is still standing around and laughing at me. The cats mostly lie around as if chopped with an axe. Just now Greebo wanted to be carried around, he was too weak to walk, I guess. Greebo has lots of hair. I mean like really lots of hair, you could make at least three cats out of his fur (and his belly, he's just like his human mom ...). Cat hair tends to stick to you when you sweat. One loving touch with his head and you go pfft, pfft, pfft - spitting out Greeb hair for a long time.

When I read in the forum, although I was really ready for going to bed, that both treasuries would open up any minute, I thought I could stay a few minutes longer. I didn't have a poster sketch ready, so I had to hurry and all I could think of was heat. Jewelry and the keyword sweat don't go together, but hey, what about "hot", "red", "fire"?
And this is the result - I'm burning! Check out my red hot choices!


  1. you could add my face to that poster - it's red and hot. And it hurts like hell! Since yesterday I hate Cabriolet cruising

    Wanna take a look?

  2. *lol* Reminds me of my friend who said his nose is red now - and he has such a cute nose :-P

  3. Hope you're keeping cool... ;o) Love the red gathering here!