Summertime and fruit salad

This day was not very summery. In the morning we had a six hour thunderstorm with heavy rain, but mostly lightning and thunder of which one was so loud it almost threw me out of my bed!
At least this treasury that I scored today seems a tad more like summer. It's called Fruit salad and a little cream and with help from my "little" (not!) brother I even managed to solve the secret of screenshots, mwahahaa!
If you want to show it some love and comment on it, go right ahead, I would appreciate it :-)


  1. Yeay it works it gets bigger if you click on it. it's great fun. I love the berry hat. It's so me!

  2. Ha, ha, again you make me laugh with the thunder stuff:)))Yes, Black Very Berry Hat is very

  3. Cute, cute! ( I don't know why "cute" disapeared in comment above )