Sore throat and WIPs

Unbelievable, but true - even feeling bad can make me get creative. New to me, but a pleasant surprise.
From the beginning, though. On Thursday I had to drive my sister somewhere. The car had been baking in the humid, hot sun all day and it was hard to even breathe in there. I am a smart girl, I turned on the AC. Obviously for too long. Yesterday I woke up with a runny nose (TMI? ;-)) and sore throat. After going to the vampires for my monthly control and listening to some swine flu jokes from my doctor who promised me I would be the very first person to get vaccination as a test person, I went home without feeling up to do much.
I snuggled into my chair and apart from taking a short nap I am proud to say I finished a few WIPs. Don't you hate WIPs? I mean, procrastination is my middle name (not much worse than my real middle name), but that doesn't mean I feel good about it.
This time it was just perfect. With my brain not working properly it was nice to just finish something. Here a toggle, there a bead, some work on a setting and in the end I had seven pieces. Who'd have thought that? I even tried to take pictures, but that did not quite go as well. We've had thunder and rain for the last five hours, so I have not much hope they will turn out much better today. I'll show you what I've got so far.

Faceted rock crystals in a crochet setting with handmade earwires (I am very slowly getting better at making them, don't you think?)

Crochet silver wire drop with little rubies. They come out darker in the picture than they really are, another reason to take the pictures again.

A fossil coral in sterling silver wire crochet setting. I love fossil corals, they are beautiful. This one is about 2 inch long, quite impressive as a pendant.

Of course they will be listed, so if you like something, check out my shops.
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