Stamps via internet

It's my own fault. I am lazy. I love the internet, I love to order things, I love to be able to print out package labels, stamps, it's just a pity I can't print out pizza yet.
So when I needed stamps today, I was in best mood. Until the site told me the payment hadn't gone through yet and I would hear from them. PayPal tells me the payment has gone through. Now what? Give it another try and maybe fail again? Try to paint a stamp myself? Should be fun to scribble all those little squares on the code. Creep to the post office?
I called support. He couldn't help me, but he sounded very seriously being sorry ;-) I could call technical support now, but that would probably raise the cost to double the stamp price. I'll just wait patiently a few more hours longer and then start writing insulting emails. Just kidding. I'm in service myself and I know how much such emails can hurt even if they don't mean you personally.
So I'm waiting ........ waiting ................ waiting ..............

But hey, I began organising my stash, so the day is not all wasted, right?


  1. Hi and thanks for stopping by our blog! Your wirework is beautiful (and I hope you finally got the stamps!)

  2. Yay, my stamps are ready for print out, miracles happen!
    Thanks Mishkat, I'll be back on your blog for sure!