Second profession - treasury hunter

It took me so long to understand the concept of creating a treasury, but now - "My God, she's got it! The rain in Spain falls mainly in the plains." Ah, good old times in the school choir. Oops, sorry, digressing. My brain does that a lot which may be a reason why my mouth is so hard to stop.
Despite of burning and itching eyes I took the chance last night. I don't work today, so I could stay up a little longer and curate this honey and bear treasury. The treasury West I just caught will follow. I admit it. I had to steal this screenshot from SJA, my jewelry forum. I can make a normal screenshot, but as my screen is not big enough for the treasury, I have to figure out first how to do it then (two guys could not shake it out of the sleeve for me and they call themselves experts, pah!).
At any rate, here it is, enjoy while it's there. And if you want to comment, here you go:
And the only reason for making ...

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