One week off. A whole week.
In this time I can make the three items for my three guild challenges, I can do all the laundry and clean out our big chest.
I can put my feet up and watch DVDs.
I can catch up on writing e-mails before my friends unfriend me.
I can write tons of blog posts, facebook, tweet and plurk and don't forget the forums.
I can go grocery shopping and I can reduce the pile of books still waiting for me.
I can play with the cats and take photos, at home and maybe in the woods when going for a walk.
I can finally play with polymer clay again and I can call friends and family.
I can visit family.
I can write an old-fashioned letter by hand.
I can play online games and take a nap afterwards.
I can relax.

I can dream, right? ;-)

At least I started being a bit productive again already. I made a cuff and finally listed things that had been in my secret drawer for a while.
Have a look, applaud and admire me. For the pieces themselves if you like them of course, but also for me dragging myself not only to my photo setup, but also the computer to actually end the misery of the "drawer inhabitants". Maybe you have seen some of them in my shop already, if not, you are welcome to click the pictures for more information.
So, to speak with one of my favorite lines from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, "come up to the lab and see what's on the slab".

Here's the cuff - warm golden copper wire and black seed beads. It was a spontaneous idea, I wouldn't have thought they'd go THAT well together. I'm really pleased with it.
And it already sold to a dear friend.

I am in love with these tiger eye beads. I had looked at them more than once in the online bead shop of my trust, but never saw them in one of my pieces - until I started with the needle lace. When I saw them again, I knew they would be doomed to live in a net. Well, maybe not doomed because I think they are looking good that way!

I struggle with asymmetrical designs. Sometimes I jump my personal limits and go for one. And of course I love to get an occasion to use a lampwork bead by Deronda. I feel although it doesn't take away the attention from the green and gold, it still adds that bit of interest.

If you think that is all you are actually wrong. I need to save a bit for my next posts, though. See you then!

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