Der Dekan and the new photo box

It's not the first time that I'm blogging about my photo setup. The last time was for a Jewelry Artisans Community blog carnival. I talked about cat hair, daylight lamps, my old camera and more. That was in 2020.
One year ago, things had changed as der Dekan discovered the light tent. He has not been able to stay out of it since then. We had some epic fights in which I tried to remove him from the tent and he tried to hold on to everything around him with his claws, including my acrylic plate.

The other day, I decided something had to be done after der Dekan had visited the light tent a few more times, this time trying to get behind the cardboard in the back, the fabric on the side and the plate. He almost came down with the whole thing more than once.
It was obvious that I needed a photo box I could close. I had a look around and found that for the box to be a bit sturdier than my light tent I would have to give up my daylight lamps and settle for light strips inside the box instead which is annoying when you use a mirror background. They all looked pretty much the same, so I finally chose one and set it up last night.

It's portable, therefore the edges hold together with velcro. Only time will tell if that will hold up to feline attacks. The two light strips kind of make the top sturdier than the old tent. However, der Dekan has already been up there twice so far, and I'm not sure if they are going to be strong enough for that, so I'm thinking about taking them off after each photo session. On the other hand, I'm also not so sure if the velcro alone will stand up to his furry butt!

Of course he's not all that happy about me taking his wonderful cat cave away, but I will put it in the other room for him to play in until he will have got tired of it which I guess may be sooner rather than later if it's not forbidden anymore.

The things we do for or because of our furry overlords, huh?
Now I have to learn working with this new box and especially the lights which I'm not all that happy about yet, sigh.
And der Dekan has to learn not to throw a tantrum about not being able to enter the new box, come running, and knocking one of my pictures off the wall! Little punk.


  1. Der Dekan is such character! “But momma it’s so fun!” I hope the new box keeps the little beast out, but I am skeptical.

  2. I'm pretty skeptical myself, but it's worth a try. Since writing this post, I have only caught him hanging around it casually, but that doesn't mean he doesn't try when I'm not in the room!