Tackle that stash - Bead loomed and strung necklace

Believe me, I wrote a really cool post to celebrate my first stash tackler in months. It was eloquent, it was funny, it was charming and profound.
Okay, it was not all of that, but it was okay. And I deleted it with a little touch of my finger, and I couldn't bring it back because right then my draft was auto-saved. My now empty draft, that is.

So I'll make it short this time.
These acrylic beads have been in my stash almost since my jewelry making beginnings. They hid away in a box that a friend of mine had brought over when we made polymer clay jewelry for the first time which was about 30 years ago and lasted about two sessions long (which is why I don't count that as beginnings). I have no idea how they sneaked in there which says a lot about my organizational skills.

To me the necklace has a vintage touch and I can imagine it worn with one of those fancy 20s dresses which is why I couldn't resist editing the picture after this image in my head, with faded colors of an early photography.

There are two strips loomed from silver lined crystal Delica beads - sparkly! - that hold three strands of the beads that are shining in a yellow/blue/green coating and that are held by silver tone bars that were custom made after a friend's design (you will be seeing more of those). The chain allows to change the length of the necklace although I prefer it long myself.

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