Quote of the week

That's right. The quote of the week is back again, and I'll start with a real little gem of a movie that I had on my wish list for quite some time.
Obviously I was a kid when I saw this first, but it hasn't lost any of its magic for me. Giant creatures attacking people? An all time favorite of mine, right up there with aliens.
These particular creatures are giant ants, mutants thanks to atomic testing in the desert, communicating with that eerie sound (if I heard that somewhere now, I would probably become very jumpy). And after the first nest has been destroyed it's clear that two young ant queens had the chance to escape, to mate and to build new nests. How to find them? Maybe a mysterious theft can give a clue.

FBI agent Robert Graham: This the only job you ever had?
Train yard watchman: Yes, sir. I've been with the railroad for 30 years and never a blot against my record.
Graham: Well, yard cop seems to think you made a deal not to see that car broken into.
Watchman: Pff. What sense does that make? Is sugar rare cargo? Is there a black market for it? Did you ever hear of a fence for hot sugar? If I were gonna make a deal with crooks to steal something, it wouldn't be for 40 tons of sugar!

Wait! Sugar .... ants .... hey ....

Them!, USA, 1954

P.S. I know I sound as if I find this movie ridiculous, but actually I do like it a lot - maybe with a little giggle here and there ;-)

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