Random Saturday - Scarves

"And they are looking for knitters to donate a scarf", my friend from the USA wrote.
Except for a WIP (no, don't look at it or it will wake up and demand to be finished!) I hadn't knitted in years. "A scarf is not that difficult, though. Won't take that long. You won't have to think much. You can take it on the train. It's gonna be fun." That's what I thought and I volunteered to make one.
Don't get me wrong, it almost worked out that way. It was fun. It felt good to work with yarn. It was easy to take on the train.

What I had forgotten was that I wasn't used to knitting like this anymore and that my thumb had been acting up lately. I hadn't realized I was going to need breaks in between. I hadn't realized how long a scarf can be and how you start to measure it all the time because that deadline is coming nearer fast. After all the postal services have to play along, too.
Another row. Another row. Another row before the train is in the station? Seems I also had forgotten how much I hate stopping in the middle of a row just because I had to get off the train.
Will there be enough yarn (no - another trip to the store became necessary)?

On top of that was a different kind of pressure. My sister. No, she didn't pressure me, that's not it.
When I asked her if she wanted to go to the department store with me, I also told her what I wanted to get yarn for. And believe it or not - I come to that store and the first thing my sister does is pull a scarf out of her bag.

What the .... When did she have time to knit a scarf? It turns out that she had made it for herself, but finally got tired of it (oh, how I know the feeling). There were two halves in different colors to match it to two different coats, and only the fringe on one side was missing for which she also handed me the yarn. It almost seemed as if this WIP had been waiting just for this.

This is not about sibling rivalry, but how embarrassing would it have been to send her scarf and not finish my own one? The pressure was purely self-inflicted.

About thirty minutes ago I put the last thread in the fringe. Yay!
Now all I need are some crossed fingers that they will both make it in time when I send them off Monday!

I'll be honest, though, it will be nice to go back to the jewelry, too :-D

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