The Hook

Time has been running again, can you believe September is almost over already?
You know what that means, another Jewelry Artisans Community blog carnival which this time is about tools.
Now I do have a few tools. I have a hammer, a file, mandrels, pliers ... and I have the hooks. Some of these hooks make up a big part of my life as a jewelry artisan, so I decided they should get the spotlight.
One of them, to be exact. The Hook. The One Hook. The 1.75 mm Hook that started it all.

So my original plan was to call this post "Ode to The Hook". Then I remembered that I suck at poetry, even if I don't try to rhyme.
My next plan was to tell you The Hook's story. Where he came from, what he had seen, what he expected from life, but then I remembered that I have no idea where he came from. He was just there. There is a chance that he was used for The Baby Shoe. Yeah, I never liked crocheting with yarn. The Baby Shoe stayed a single and lived at home with me for a very long time because somehow I couldn't get myself to throw it away. Until The Baby was about 25 or so. Chances were low she'd fit her feet in there. I'm digressing.
So maybe The Hook made The Baby Shoe. I don't know, that was so long ago that I still lived in another town then.

What counts is that Hook was there when I needed him. Now you may wonder why Hook is male to me, but in German the crochet hook is male which is kind of funny thinking about it (all hooks are, so obviously Hook can't be an exception). And when I needed him, he didn't find some silly excuse like "I can't, there's a soccer game on" or "I have to finish this computer game" or the worst of all "I'll do it, eventually".
Not Hook. He did his job and stuck with me through thick and thin and some incredibly ugly practice pieces. He was never jealous, not when some fatter old dudes (2 something mm ones inherited from my ex-MIL) came along and not when a new case with shiny new hooks came along and finally took over, younger and slightly slimmer than he was.
He didn't take it the wrong way, didn't feel betrayed.
Instead Hook retired gracefully and is now hanging out standing up in wire or thread spools with some of his also retired pals (the fatter old dudes, in fact).
Maybe it's time to make him work a little again ...

You want to know what my fellow JAC members have to say? Check it out here. I knew their posts would be slightly more serious than mine ;-)

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JewelryArtByDawn said...

Fun post, Cat! Maybe it's time for you and Hook to create something together for old time's sake!

vmcdesigns.nl said...

hahahahah, you are crazy Cat!

But as Dawn said, I too think it's time you and Hook create something again. :)

Cat said...

He's hanging out with some WIPs and a few finished pieces waiting for a photo shoot at the moment, maybe that'll inspire him ;-)

Cat said...

Don't you call such a tender relationship crazy! :-P