Tackle that stash - Wire woven orphan lampwork bead rings

In the German version of this post's title I couldn't resist the stereotype of German words - Drahtwebwaisenlampworkperlenringe.
There is no such word. Had I ever used something like it in one of my German tests, my teacher would probably have knocked me over the head with a blunt instrument. Okay, probably not, I guess I have been watching too many TV crime shows again. Probably she would have used the red pen, though.

Sadly I have to admit that some beads proved to be no real orphans. There are always some orphan siblings around that I just didn't find in my lampwork drawer at the moment because they slipped into another baggie for a visit. Or it's one of those cases when I kept picking up a bead and didn't even realize it wasn't one bead, but two that looked the same (which reminds me of the time I thought I had lost one earring, so I kept wearing it in the extra hole of my left ear until I found out I had alternated between the two earrings ... it's true, my personal jewelry box is less organized than the biz ones).

This "orphan" actually has at least two siblings that I found after I had made the ring. They hid with some blue beads. I just hope I hadn't planned to put all of them in a design together?

And this beautiful leopard has always been a single bead, meant to shine by itself.

Maybe I'll try some orphan pendants next! What do you say?

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