Oldies but Goodies - Colorful

This morning I woke up and was cold. For a moment I tried to remember where I was - which is not always easy after the strange dreams I tend to have - what day it was and why it was cold. After coming to my senses - as much as that's possible - I was glad to realize it was not winter yet. It's fall which is fine with me.
Nevertheless winter is lurking around the corner, with the cold, the darkness in the morning and in the evening.
What's better to fight those thoughts than some bright colors and lots of them?
Colorful was the topic for this week's Jewelry Artisans Community Oldies but Goodies Challenge and colors we got, in all variations.
As always I hope you'll enjoy my little selection!
Shhhh, just as a reminder, if you make jewelry as well, why not come over and join our next challenge?

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2 and 3 Jewelry Art by Dawn
4 and 10 Cat's Wire
5 and 7 Violetmoon's Corner
6 and 9 The Crafty Chimp


vmcdesigns.nl said...

I too noticed that it is getting colder again, for the first time in ages I snuggled up under a blanket again while watching tv. It does give a warm feeling when seeing all the colours from our creations together. :)

Cat said...

I always need some kind of blanket, not because I'm cold, but for the snuggle factor (and that way cat claws don't hurt as much, either!).

Laney said...

Definitely chilly here too :/ I am back in socks all day so Autumn is showing her true, if not glorious, colours a bit like that collage what amazing creations :)

JewelryArtByDawn said...

It feels like fall here too. The trees are showing off their bright colors, but they are not as bright or colorful as your collage, Cat! Love seeing all of those things together!

riorita said...

It is nice and cool outside. I wish it was like this all summer long.
Beautiful colorful collection!

Cat said...

I bet you and the dogs are having fun on your autumn walks! :-D

Cat said...

Thank you!

Cat said...

For some it's too cold, but I really enjoy it!