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Vince Noir and Howard Moon, former zookeepers, are working at Nabootique now, the shop of shaman Naboo and his familiar Bollo. Vince has a history of coming in late, though.
If you need an excuse for being late the next time, why don't you try these?

Howard: Come on then, let's have it.
Vince: Hm?
Howard: Every day you're late and every day another crazy excuse. What is it this time?
Vince: What do you mean?
Howard: Lego avalance trapped you?
Vince: No.
Howard: No? Your pyjamas turned into nitrogen? You got stuck on the ceiling of your bedroom? Giant kingfisher came into your room and pecked you under the duvet? Got your, uh, jodhpurs caught on a magic hedgehog? I write'em down, you know. What is it? A scarecrow took you to Paris, yeah?
Vince: I just had a few things to do, that's all.
Howard: That's not funny. It's not even going in the book. It's awful.

Got inspired? So if you try it, let me know how it went!

The Mighty Boosh, UK, 2003 - 2007

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