Oldies but Goodies - Grey skies

I don't know what inspired our challenge master at the Jewelry Artisans Community Oldies but Goodies Challenge this time, maybe the Texan rain. We have been dealing with that ourselves over here, well, not the Texan variety obviously. I don't mind grey skies, but find them rather fascinating. Then again I have always like grey.
Wikipedia has this to say about "the color without color" "In Europe and the United States, surveys show that grey is the color most commonly associated with neutrality, conformity, boredom, uncertainty, old age, indifference, and modesty. Only one percent of respondents chose it as their favorite color." Oi.
In fact the first things I associate with grey are t-shirts and jogging suits which is possibly a result of my teenagehood in the 80s. While I wouldn't call it my favorite color, I wouldn't think of all those things up there in connection with it. Grey is such a beautiful and classic color ... non-color ... let me go back to Wikipedia for a second .... neutral or achromatic color.

Hopefully these grey pieces from the challenge won't leave you bored or indifferent.

1 Violetmoon's Corner
2 Jewelry Art by Dawn
3 RioRita
4 Cat's Wire
5 MC Stoneworks

P.S. If you click the link to the original challenge thread - which of course I hope you do - you'll find that the topic was actually "Gray skies". I kept writing it wrong being so used to the spelling which is more commonly used here and then decided to stick with that ;-)


  1. The challenge master was definitely tired of the gray/grey skies. :) The sun is out now, and the heat has arrived with a vengeance. We can't win.

    All of the gray/grey pieces in the challenge were beautiful, not boring.

    1. No, at the moment it really looks like the weather gods don't know how to play nice.

  2. I love gray and would never call it a boring color! To me, it's a toned down version of black; not so somber and stark, yet still classic and sophisticated. One of my favorite color combinations is gray and pink - they look great together!

    1. Dawn, when I learned how to crochet in elementary school, we had to make a net bag just from chain stitch. Mine was grey and pink!