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I vividly remember the discussion about children thinking that cows are purple thanks to a commercial icon. I had the luck to have a godmother whose parents had a farm, and my very personal cow there, Diana (whom I desperately wanted to buy), was light brown and white.
I also remember listening to parents at our local zoo who told their children the most incredible things about our animals. It usually didn't go down well if I took the liberty to educate them on the goat NOT being the sheep's mom and I didn't even go that far to tell them the goat was in fact male.

Maybe that's why today's quote made me both roll my eyes and laugh out loud at the same time.
We are in the beautiful county of Midsomer (where your life expectancy is about as high as that of a worm surrounded by a flock of hungry birds) and people have come from the city to drive their cars off-road through the mud of the countryside.

Brad: Oi! Excuse me? There's a farmer who deliberately put a load of bulls in the field we want to go through.
Brad's pal: Yeah!
Brad: Now a bridle path has a public right of way. Why would he do that?
Garth: And where was this?
Brad: It was in a field at the Melham Cross Road.
Garth: Hm. I think you'll find they were cows.
Brad's group starts laughing.
Brad: Cows (laughing). When was the last time you saw cows with horns?

I can only understand Garth's feelings too well ....

Midsomer Murders, UK, 1997 -

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