Tackle that stash - Delicate Cantera opal pendant

You have seen this tiny Cantera opal before, in this post where I showed the magic world you can see in it.
As you know, tiny cabs or faceted stones are a bit of a challenge to use in wire knit or crochet. To do the opal justice, but also keep it safe in its bezel, I made very small knit stitches. That way I was able to only cover the matrix, but leave the window to the magic world open. Actually I keep staring into that window! I just love opals.

For that little bit of movement that I like so much I added a small amber bead dangle. It's a pity I only had one opal in that size, I think this would make a beautiful pair of earrings if I had two.

To compliment the delicate pendant, I crocheted a slim rope in the same color.


  1. Beautiful, Cat.

    The pattern of the stone reminds of of big puffy clouds. Dreamy!

    1. Thank you, Dawn. A lot of people see clouds in it, maybe we would all like to fly into this magic world.