Quote of the week

It has been almost three months ago that I pleased you with the last monster trash movie quote. That just won't do.
All those sharks are out there waiting. Mutants, prehistoric survivors from the Arctic, ghosts, in the water, in the air, in the sand. We are not safe anywhere. Yup, you humans, I said in the sand.
I will spare you the scientific explanation that Dr. Sandy Powers, marine biologist, gives us in the movie for that because for some reason I don't really trust her expertise.

This is not about Sandy, however. It's about the guy in the red cargo shorts and it's not really a quote because he doesn't get to talk.
Let me explain. Guy comes home to organize a music festival on the beach in order to make money and pay off some loan sharks (I couldn't resist the pun). Home island had bad crisis ever since shark attack. Guy's Dad, the mayor, hopes festival will save the island. Throw in a sheriff, his sister the deputy and guy's ex, a marine biologist, two assistants, thousands of students (played by about thirty people who are not natural dancers), and sharks that swim through sand, and you get an incredibly bad movie.
Boy, I sure had fun with it.

Now where does the guy in the red cargo shorts come into the picture?
After the first dancer girl gets eaten by a shark jumping out of the sand, people are panicking.
Red Cargo Shorts seems to have a problem with that. After almost four minutes he is still on the beach which is not a surprise because he keeps running back and forth, but he doesn't get eaten. It was probably just a very smart tactic to confuse the sharks ............

Sand Sharks, USA, 2011

P.S. These are not screenshots from one long shot where you see him running. He seriously keeps popping up in different spots again and again. I'm not the only one who noticed it! ;-)
P.P.S. Again, I'm usually on the sharks' side.


  1. Your description has made me really really really want to see this movie!

    1. Hehe ... not everyone is cut out for the funs of this bizarre world :-D