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The hotel is like multi-colored frosting, butter cream and fondant, the concierge has his eye on everything and everyone, and frankly, there are some very interesting hairstyles ...
It's not a secret that I like the slightly bizarre.

What happens in short:
M. Gustave, the concierge, is hunted by police and the son of the rich lady he is accused of having killed. Fleeing together with the lobby boy, Zero, stuck in the middle of nowhere, he has to call on the help of The Society of the Crossed Keys.

M. Gustave: Operator, please get me the Excelsior Palace in Baden-Jürgen and reverse the charges, please. (turning to Zero) We've no choice. There's nowhere else to turn. (back to the phone) I'll hold. Thank you. (turning to Zero) It's our only hope. Otherwise, I shouldn't even mention its existence to you. It goes without saying you must never breathe a word about this to a living soul. Do you swear?
Zero: Of course. What is it, in fact?
M. Gustave: I can't say. (back to the phone) Guten Abend. Monsieur Ivan bitte. Danke. (turning to Zero) How does one come by front-row aisle seats for a first night at the Opera Toscana with one day's notice? How does one arrange a private viewing of the tapestry collection at the Royal Saxon Gallery? How does one secure a corner table at Chez Dominique on a Thursday? (back to the phone) Ivan, darling, it's Gustave.

The Grand Budapest Hotel, USA, 2014

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