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These movies were part of my childhood and accompanied me into my (kind of) grown-up life. Maybe that's one reason why I - while usually being most unforgiving in these matters - don't mind this Miss Marple being not at all like Miss Marple in the books. She will always be my favorite.
Do the twist, Jane Marple!

Miss Marple: Ah, there's Mr. Stringer. As it happens, this is his favourite dance. Mr. Stringer!
Mr. Stringer: Miss Marple, I found out ...
Miss Marple: I was just telling Mr. Enderby that this is your favourite dance. Shall we?
Mr. Stringer: Dance, you mean?
Miss Marple: Naturally. You'll excuse us, won't you, Mr. Enderby? Come along.
Mr. Stringer: Really, Miss Marple, I don't think ...
Miss Marple: Do your best, Mr. Stringer. This is the only way I could get you alone.

They are dancing the twist.

Miss Marple: What did you find out?
Mr. Stringer: You were quite right, Miss Marple. It's worth at least 50,000 pounds.
Miss Marple: I knew it. Then it was that picture after all.
Mr. Stringer: It certainly was.
Miss Marple: Excellent. We can now proceed with certainty. 
Mr. Stringer: Proceed where, Miss Marple?
Miss Marple: To trap the killer. Was Inspector Craddock in the foyer as you came through?
Mr. Stringer: Yes.
Miss Marple: Well then. I think perhaps a little livelier. And don't be alarmed if I suddenly pretend to be ill. Now then, hot it up!

Murder at the Gallop, UK, 1963

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