Quote of the week

I wish I could be as cool as Sméagol. His friend Déagol finds a ring in the water and Sméagol decides he wants to have it. It can be that easy, huh? Give it to me, I want it, period. The birthday thing is not important because Déagol knows it's not true, I'm sure.

Sméagol: Give us that, Déagol, my love.
Déagol: Why?
Sméagol: Because ... it's my birthday, and I wants it. 

Of course we all know things did not end quite so well for Déagol as he obviously underestimated how much his friend really wanted that ring. I mean, I've seen jewelry I like, but I certainly never tried to strangle someone for it.
Maybe my friends are lucky that their jewelry might be beautiful, but pretty powerless.
Maybe that means I am lucky, too. After all we also know what happened to Sméagol afterwards ... gollum! Gollum!

The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King, USA/NZ, 2003

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