How much is the do..., erm, kitty in the window?

Actually it's not a doggie I'm talking about today. Remember how I started experimenting with windows a while ago? I said there was more to come and here it is.
I'm weird about cats and windows. I live on the first floor and I don't trust my cats from 12 to noon, Ponder in particular. He tends to get excited and I wouldn't be surprised if he thought he could fly if he sees a juicy pigeon. Cat screens for my folk.

These cats, however, look pretty safe in their windows and well behaved.
You may already know from the HeatherCats and other bead loomed pieces of mine that I like to work with shapes and extensions. This was taking it a little further.

Of course it's not possible to loom all of this in one piece. You weave parts of the pattern and then join them, and afterwards there is a lot of re-weaving to do.
The white kitty did test my patience because there were so many threads, now which one goes where?! ;-)

I hope to experiment more with this eventually. What would you like to see?

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