Quote of the week

Sal is having a hard time. Not only did her husband, the village doctor, die recently, but her son James is taking over the practice, her daughter-in-law Yasmeen is taking over the job as practice nurse that she used to have, and her daughter Tash rebels against establishment, wants to go travel with a yurt and just threw yet another job.
Now all of them are at her house for dinner and start fighting. James doesn't understand Tash, and Tash is determined not to sell her soul for a job.

Tash: Mum, am I a nihilist or an anarchist?
Sal: You're unemployed, love.

Little does she know that Tash's next job is practically right around the corner. She's going to be a wind farm generator monitor. Unfortunately the wind farm hasn't be built yet, and maybe it won't be built because Tash and her friends are going to protest against it, but if it will be built after all, that's what her job is going to be.
Nothing to worry there, eh?

Jam & Jerusalem, UK, 2006 - 2009

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