Quote of the week

If you plan a robbery, especially one like the "Great Lochdubh Salt Robbery", you have to be prepared.

Lachie Jr. (whispering): Dad. Hey. There's a light on. We can't do it with a light on.
Lachlan McCrae: Right. This ... this requires a bit more nerve, all right? All right? Right.
Lachie Jr.: Yeah.
Lachlan McCrae: Stockings.
Lachie Jr. (holding up a pair of long knit stockings): Stockings.
Lachlan McCrae: No! Stockings. Women's stockings! Tights, for God's sake!
Lachie Jr.: I'm not going into a shop asking for women's tights. What would people think? What sick images would flash through their brains?
Lachlan McCrae: Gimme them here! You take that one. Is there holes in them?
Lachie Jr.: Yeah.

I wonder if it would have been a smart move to take off the jackets that have "Mc Crae & Son" on the back, too ... what do you think?

Hamish Macbeth, UK, 1995 - 1997


  1. That's hilarious. Darwinism at work!

    1. The best part is when they come back the next day to leave some money for the salt ... and a tip where to get a new door at a good price!