Once upon a time ...

... there was a necklace. It was finished, but then the artist saw that the pendant wasn't sitting perfectly, and the necklace got put away for the time being. From time to time it was taken out, but always put back until a better moment would come. The moment didn't come and the necklace lay in a drawer for a long time.

The waiting is over now which kind of makes my other WIPs hope that they have a chance to resurface again, too ;-)

This necklace with the sapphire pendant is crocheted and spool knitted from fine silver wire.
It is available in my Zibbet shop now.


  1. Very elegant and pretty, Cat. Aren't you glad it's no longer in the WIP drawer? I have a box full of those too - one of these days!

    1. Thank you, Dawn. Oh, I am glad, it's a shame as it wasn't really some big adjustment I had to make.
      One of these days, huh? ;-)