Quote of the week

Oh, the things I go through for you.
In fact I'll now watch the movie to this quote, so I wouldn't feel bad about just picking the quote because I stumbled upon it by accident. Someone offered me to bring the movie before and I declined.
Who knows, maybe I'll even change my choice of quote. Well, okay, see you in ... oh, more than two hours?? I better give you something to do. And just in case I'll need a break for lunch or something, let's make it three hours.

Okay, this was more entertaining than I had expected. Let's go for some werewolf hunting ... a werewolf who came in from the rain.

Carl: Why does it smell like wet dog in here?
Van Helsing: Werewolf!
Carl: Alright, you'll be needing silver bullets then (throwing a bag with bullets)
Van Helsing: Well done!

Yup, Van Helsing. We have werewolves, of course vampires and Frankenstein's monster. Quite a feat to get all of that into one movie. Don't expect too much, just sit back and have a bit of weekend afternoon fun. And never forget that Carl is the real hero here ;-)

Van Helsing, USA/Czech Republic, 2004

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