I know that this pendant is not cute and not elegant. The tumbled labradorite is not shiny and smooth and only shows some flashes of blue and yellow in some spots - more than in these pictures that I took at night, though - and it doesn't even have a regular shape.
Actually this lab was never meant to end up as a prominent focal. I had intended to use it as background for a wire wrapped tree.
I'm not sure what changed my mind after the wire knit bezel was finished. Often if I like a cab in its setting, I add stones or pearls to surround it in order to give it a vintage inspired or a romantic look. This cab however needed something more archaic.
This was the moment when I remembered the spikes.


Laney said...

I like it! its funky and retro :) x

Anonymous said...

I too really like it. I like the way you can see the knit around the edge. x

Cat said...

Thank you, Laney! Those spikes always give pieces such a martial flair, don't you think?

Cat said...

Thank you!
For the listing I will also add a picture of the back. What I did was making a bezel for the stone first, then I started a new round working from that bezel to have something the spikes could rest on, so they wouldn't move back and forth.