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Although I have never been to Oxford myself - only to Cambridge - I have enjoyed watching two crimes series taking place there, the second series being a spinoff of the first one.

Today I'm going to cheat a bit. The quote is from one episode, yes, one of my favorite episodes in fact, but it's more than that. It's the oath that people who wanted to use the famous Bodleian Library had to take before being allowed to do so. External readers who are not attached to the University still have to recite this oath which of course used to be in Latin.
Being a librarian I couldn't but wonder if that would work here as well ...

"I hereby undertake not to remove from the Library, or to mark, deface, or injure in any way, any volume, document, or other object belonging to it or in its custody; not to bring into the Library or kindle therein any fire or flame, and not to smoke in the Library; and I promise to obey all rules of the Library."

Lewis, UK, 2007 - 2013

P.S. I just read there are rumors there will be a new season after all. I'm officially excited now!

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