Being a Swabian or The thread

You don't know what a Swabian is? Swabians come from the Southwest of Germany. We have our own dialect and of course we have been stereotyped. We are stubborn and narrow-minded, we are thrifty to the extent of being stingy, and all we know is how to work.
What used to be a joke, often is praise today. We keep our money together, know how to work hard and have entrepreneurial qualities. I think that as always the truth is somewhere in between and of course changes over the years.
I am stubborn for example, but I'm not stingy.
And still ... I just can't that let that "thread on the other side of the loom" go to waste. I'm too stingy for that.
I don't own an adjustable loom. If I have a piece that is too wide for the small loom, but not really long enough for the wider loom, what am I supposed to do with that thread on the other side? So this is what I spontaneously came up with in the middle of one night using the thread on the loom and the beads already on hand. It didn't go as quickly as it may seem to you because I had to sew all the threads in, but I think it's an idea I can have some more fun with.
I have made another pendant since, but can't show that as it will be a gift. Let's just say I am working on refining this style a bit within the limits of such a small piece.

It's available in my Zibbet shop now and I am pretty sure it won't be the last.

P.S. If you want to know a bit more about Swabia, have a look here.


Peikkonen said...

Very nice! And thrifty :)

Cat said...

So they won't throw me out of the country, will they? I rather like it here, you know ;-)
Thank you!