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Today I'm going to do something I haven't done before on this blog. I'm going to quote from the same series that I had quoted from last week. Bear with me. I got a very persistent cat on my lap, these are the only DVDs I have close to me at the moment, and if I don't write this post now, all I'll be doing is click around randomly and waste time that I could spend with beads instead.
More dinosaurs today, people. Or maybe not dinosaurs so much this time. The critters in question are described as being "like spiders, but with pincers, not fangs". Oooh, doesn't that sound nice?

Off into the tunnel our hunters go. Suddenly Abby hears something above her and lets out a shriek when she sees the creature.

The creature runs off and Abby says to her fellow hunters:
"Does anyone have a really big slipper?"

Cool lady. Little does she know that these buggers are not even their main problem.

Primeval, UK, 2007 - 2011

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