Saturday night ramblings

Again it has been a while since I showed you what I was working on, so I'll turn today's Saturday ramblings into a show post.
Aren't you happy? Just pictures and not so many words! ;-)
Have a great weekend.

More twin beads from Preciosa Ornela (much better than my first attempt and just a little selection)

I admit I'm proud of this one, not just because it's different techniques combined.

There are more of these "Dragon Scales" to come, in different colors, but these metallic rainbow Twins have really captured my heart.  
I love this cuff, it makes me want to put flowers in my hair, sing "San Francisco" which is one of my favorite songs or dance to the songs from "Hair"!

My classic rope bangles are back, but I'm still working on more colors!
The classic ropes, braided up

Lately I have felt a bit like a child in boarding school on my blog, forever promising to write, well, not home in that case, but you get the idea.
Now that I try to participate as much as possible in Fusion Beads' 30 Day Challenge, it might be easier to keep that up and show you the pieces I have actually made, so stay tuned!


  1. Fabulous selection of creations as always Cat. I can see why you love those metallic twin's so much they are gorgeous. Caroline F. x

    1. Thank you, Caroline. Another bead addiction I really need in my life, huh? :-P