Saturday night ramblings or maybe just a little fun

Just a bit of harmless fun.
I was hanging out in my armchair and suddenly felt the urge to check out the Preciosa Ornela Twin beads that I have in so many great colors. I have practically never beaded off loom except maybe two or three times, so I kept it simple for this first time. 
I used wire, the Twin beads in a light transparent green and yellow and some crystal drop beads that I mistook for regular seed beads at first. Reminder to myself ... I really need a better lamp next to my armchair, the other one is cozy, but not a lamp for beading.

In the end - meaning the end of the wire and the end of my DVD which was very good timing, ok, coincidence) a tube which I will probably put on a keychain.
Not too exciting, so I played with the camera and the tube instead ...

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