The moon

I have always been drawn to the moon, it fascinates me ... the full moon in particular.
It makes my cats go crazier than usual. It starts one or two days before the moon is really full, they get uneasy, wake me up more often and talk even more than usual (I have very talkative cats, but a certain furry master really takes the prize, ehem), that reaches a height on the day of the full moon and then decreases over the next one or two days. Sometimes I don't even know there will be a full moon, but can tell from their behavior ... works almost always.

In 2009 I blogged about a perigee. That's when the moon is really close to Earth and looks huge. It had the been the first time I had experienced one that consciously, and to me it was magical. Even though I had no camera on me (on our way to work at 5 am), I'll never forget this one, I still get the feeling just thinking of it.

And then there's the red moon. I could try to explain, but maybe you just read up on it here if you are interested.
I'm never lucky if I try to take a picture, I keep getting stopped by clouds, rain or both. I have been running through the neighborhood like an idiot to find a hole in the clouds .... and the moon.

You want to know where all of this is leading to? It's leading to a bead loomed cuff.
If I can't take a picture of the moon, I'll have to bead one, I guess ;-)
This cuff is mine - for obvious reasons, see ↑
Should you like something similar, I'll be happy to make your very own moon for you ...

P.S. I'm sorry about the picture. It has been raining the last few days and although I have high hopes for my photo setup to actually be set up again soon, I still have to improvise at the moment, due to my place being a construction site ...it does look better in person, I swear!


Unknown said...

Beautiful work, as always! Keep it up Cat!

Cindy said...

Cool cuff! I like how it's so shiny!

Joy Light Designer said...

Lovely detail of your beadweaving, I do enjoy the pattern of the red moon!


Cat said...

Thank you, Martiel!

Cat said...

Thank you, Cindy. I had a different color in mind at first, but when I saw these two together, I had to go for silver lined!

Cat said...

Thank you, Joy! :-D