Saturday night ramblings

Just a minute, I need to get a cup of chai first. Can't do the ramblings without my chai, can I?
Now, here we go, that's better.
Some ginger cookies would be nice with that, but I expect the cabinet that's my pantry and my fridge to come up with tumbleweeds pretty soon and maybe one or the other roadrunner.
I keep opening the fridge because a little voice inside my head is telling me that this time something edible which is also something I'm craving at that moment will have materialized. That little voice is a dirty liar, let me tell you.
I have been told that grocery shopping is supposed to help with that problem, but what is going to help with the problem of me hating to go grocery shopping?
No, Ponder, you needn't worry, we'll never run out of cat food.

If I can't eat, I have to bead. That almost rhymes. And beading was what I did today. I ignored the fact that the mirror is not showing me my face anymore, but some kind of evil distorted monster. I ignored the blankets in the dryer, of course only because they made such a great bed for Meffi and not because I was too lazy to take them out.
I had DVDs running and beaded.

For this set I actually had to search around to find the last four golden beads. It sounds easier than it was. I almost had to take the whole place apart and for a bit I thought I wouldn't be able to finish the pendant because of the last elusive bead. Of course two hours after I finished it I stumbled upon the amazing treasure of three more golden beads.

After contemplating some household chores for about 45 seconds, I decided to start another wire knit rope with seed beads. That would be a nice chance to finally use my bead spinner. Yup, that did not go so well. I'll spare you the details, but for that one time I decided to do it the old-fashioned way.
This is what the rope looked in a warm light after about two episodes of "Rumpole of The Bailey".

This is what the rope looked like quite a while later. I seem to be in a twisted ... twisting mood lately. There will be more beaded knit ropes, though. They are so beautiful.
I still need a bigger lobster clasp for this one.

Maybe you have wondered about what happened to the Fusion Beads Challenge. Well, I knew from the start I wouldn't be able to participate every day, for one reason because I can't think about a new beadweaving stitch after work or because I don't have the people around to do a bead party.
I did make the first three days so far.

Day 1 - Start by making earrings

Day 2 - Make a simple strung piece

Day 3 - Make jewelry to give to a friend

It's not bad for a start, is it?

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