Trick or treat!

It's October and that means it's time for Hallowe'en very soon. It was an obvious choice for our Jewelry Artisans Community blog ring.

Since I didn't make any Hallowe'en jewelry this year (well, beside the vampire fangs choker) and didn't take a picture of our decoration at work, I decided to do a little spotlight of items I found on Zibbet and and that I love.
It is a little hard to focus to be honest as I'm staring out of the window and see snow. Ok, no distractions anymore, it's time for witches, vampires, ghosts and werewolves.

One of my most favorite Hallowe'en stories of all time (besides the Mary Poppins one that I already told you about in an earlier post) is a Donald Duck cartoon. He has a big stash of candy and he's determined to not share a bit of it. His nephews are not willing to let him get away with that, how lucky for them to meet Hazel, the witch ....

"Every post is a ghost if you have a witch's brew ..."

Little ghost lampwork bead by Dzign by Jamie

"Oh, bless their little black 'earts ...."

Hand painted wine glasses "Good pumpkin/bad pumpkin" by Laura's Glass Art

"Aah, thou do believe in witches!"

Vogue Witch tag by Dorothy Jane

"So, when ghosts and goblins by the score ring your bell and pound your door, better not be stingy or your nightmares will come truuuuuue ... BOO!"

Woodburned skeleton box by Midnite Muse Boutique

Want to see what our other JAC members have to say about Hallowe'en? Check it out here!

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And of course the cat that can't keep his mouth shut ... Ponder - the cat 


  1. Alas I'm from away so very few of the local parents bother to bring their kids to my house even thought I have way more decotations than anyone else.. and hand out good chocolate bars... only the best for my little gobblins as I know I'll get to eat most of them (insert evil cackle!)

    1. Kids still don't do that much in Germany. Last year I was not prepared and a group of kids rang the bell. They almost had to comfort me about not having anything to give them, but they were very understanding!!

  2. We're too far out in the sticks to get any little goblins either. That's a funny story, Cat.

    You found some great Halloween things at Zibbet!

  3. I love the burnt wood box! I actually joined Zibbet because of it!