Jacqueline isn't bald anymore

Good for Jacqueline, don't you think? You might remember she's my second doll head, and now she finally got her own hair. It was about time. I'm almost a bit jealous of her curls ;-)

What else has happened in the Cat's Wire universum? Let me check my desk. Ah, a cat. Keep sleeping, Greebo. What can I find beside him?

When I look at my latest pieces, it seems I feel a need for bling and color. None of these are listed yet, but you know if you are interested in something, you can always contact me. At least the pictures are taken already.
There's the Confetti Loops bracelet for example. I'm having way too much fun with those galvanized beads.

Then there's a knit cuff with gorgeous Miyuki cubes. At first all you see is the black wire and maybe a shimmer of gold. Then you turn it and bang! Pure bling. The picture doesn't do it justice. It's really the contrast that makes this piece.
It has a button hole and is closed with a lovely black matte agate lentil, by the way.

And if there are beads left over on the wire, then you have to make a ring. I'm sure it's a law that's written down somewhere. If not, I might have to write it down.
Just a little fun piece which would be great for a young girl (not just because I happened to make it pretty small ....).

Bauble ring


  1. Definitely jealous of those curls!! I have iron straight fine hair and would love curls like Jacquelines!!

    Love the blingy bracelet Cat, bet that looks fab with a little black dress for this coming winter season parties!!

    1. Thank you, Laney. I keep thinking I should make a little video of it showing the change of the color in the light!

      In the last year part of my hair suddenly got wavy. I wonder what would happen if I cut if off (I have very long hair), but I'm not tempted enough. My hairdresser accused me of trying things on my own! *lol*

  2. I love those bracelets! Those Miyuki cubes are indeed quite gorgeous.

    1. Thank you, Cindy. They finally really got me, huh? ;-)