Catching up

Hey guys, what have you been up to lately?
I know it seems as if I am hiding in a big hole, but that's not completely true. True is that my motivation to blog is not the biggest one at the moment, that has to do with the fact that I feel a little torn. I'm still struggling with getting the flat fixed and things are not exactly going too smoothly. I'll be getting there, but it's draining my energy.
I recharge my batteries when I'm creating, but the part that comes after the creative process ... the pictures, the listing, the, erm, blogging ... I'll try to be better.

Let's have a look at what I have been playing with, shall we? A few things at least, I don't want to overwhelm you with pictures.

Remember Jo, my doll model head? This is her pal. I'm almost sure I had a name for her as well. I do know she looks French to me. Let's call her Jacqueline. You might have seen part of her in shots before. Jacqueline has one problem, she's bald. She borrows Jo's wig from time to time, but that wouldn't have worked for this shot because the wig is black and that makes it hard to see the necklace.

Yes, this is a necklace with black crystals. Today however the thought came over me that it would look fun as a head piece, too. Some hair pins in the right spots going through the chain and hair. Just an idea. This is a bad sneak peek picture of the necklace (Ms Newberry who's modeling it is still waiting for an outfit that works better with it). It's not listed yet for obvious reasons.

Then there is the second Bead Eater that's finally listed. The first Bead Eater was made in earthy brown colors, for this one I chose beautiful fall colors. Those triangle beads are pretty amazing. It's 125 cm or 4 ft long!
The name Bead Eater means that these pieces eat up my bead stash which is not necessarily a bad thing ;-)

Bead Eater in fall colors

The following necklace however did take even longer, actually a lot longer. I'm so in love with Miyuki's galvanized seed beads that I just couldn't resist making this fun and colorful loop necklace using different colors of wire and beads in different combinations. A friend said it reminded of coral and I liked the idea a lot.
I see loop earrings and maybe bracelets in this style, what do you think?

Confetti Loops necklace

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