Bigger, closer, sharper

Once upon a time there was a lady with a compact camera. Although the lady loved that compact camera dearly, she wasn't always happy with the macro mode. Sometimes she just wanted to get closer and closer, but all she got were blurry pictures.

Then the lady stumbled upon a guy, David ... and David had a special lens ...

I won't try to explain to you how exactly it works. What I can do is tell you that communication was great, shipping fast, and that in the end I held my Little BigShot in hands.

What else I can do is show you two quick pictures that I took of the same sample piece, and you'll be able to tell the difference yourself.

Isn't that amazing? As you can see, I even got closer to my sample piece in the first picture which is the one I took with the lens attached, and it's still not blurry.
I'm only glad the lens didn't break when I had dropped it on the tile floor just seconds before, ehem.

I'm just a pleased customer, so I can't answer any questions. I'm not affiliated with David in any way.
If you want to know more, check out the videos on David's page, Little BigShot, and also visit his photo help blog, Photography Central for Online Sellers.


  1. Cat, weil du hast, so nett ein Bemerkung über mein Produkt gemacht . . . wenn die Linse kaputt wird, ich werde dir schnell eine neu Linse schicken! gratis auch!

    1. Danke für das Angebot, David, aber ich verspreche, ich werde ab jetzt viel besser aufpassen!! :-D