From summer to fall

For some people the transition from summer to fall is difficult. They miss the light early in the morning and late in the evening ... the sun ... hot temperatures ... probably the summer vacation ...
I'm different. Fall is my favorite season. I don't mind rain and I avoid too much sunshine (for several reasons), you could say I'm a "middle thing" kind of person. Not too hot, not too cold, not too much sun. Sometimes I think I'm turning into a vampire ;-)

I always used to say I'm not a fan of earthy colors, but that seems to have changed over the years without me even noticing it. When I looked into my shops, I found one or the other piece that clearly shows it.

Or how about this bracelet? Those beads make me feel as if I can taste the last berries on my tongue.

Wire knit bracelet with Miyuki triangle beads
Isn't this a stunning maple leaf? Michele combined it with a necklace in fall tones, a perfect combination if you ask me! Shhh, come on, ask me.

Real leaf necklace
Maybe I have taken away your frustration about fall a bit? Look up into the trees, admire the colors of their leaves and don't get sad when they get dry and fall off, they'll be back in spring!

Do you want to know what the other Jewelry Artisans Community bloggers have to say about this subject? Yes, you maybe guessed it already, this is the September blog carnival post. Well, go and see if they are fans of fall or not!

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And this time even Ponder sneaked in!
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  1. Wow Cat, your necklace is stunning, I love the colors.

    I feel the same way, I'm more a fall/winter person hence the winters aren't to cold. :)

  2. Another fall person checking in. Love this time of year. Cat, your fall pieces are gorgeous - the bracelet looks good enough to eat!

    You're sweet; thank you for including the caramel colored stone in your post.