Pebbles in the stream

Sometimes if I like a design, I just can't stop myself and make a little series.
These collars were so much fun, I'm almost sure there will be more, but for now it's enough.

The name "Pebbles in the Stream" comes from a childhood memory. I remember several times that I spent at little creeks with one or the other friend, and I can still see the pebbles in the clear water. To be honest it's surprising that I didn't come home wet more often.

The base of these collars are knitted from two strands of differently colored copper wire. That makes them not as slinky as my knitted jewelry usually is, but sturdier, and the effect of the two colors is just lovely.
On that "stream" there are pebbles of all kinds. It was the perfect occasion to dig into my stash and to use some of the beads I have had around forever. That doesn't mean I just threw them together randomly, though. I tried to make the mix fit the wire knit base in color and mood.

All three of them are available in my shops now, one in each shop, here, here or here ;-)
Let me know if there's any other color range you'd like to see!

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