As per request ...

.... I finally proudly present a collage of the wonderful prizes I won for making 3rd place in the "loomwork" category at the International Bead Award 2012 by Perlen Poesie. It had been such a %/(§%&§/% day, but when I came home to find this parcel on my stairs, I forgot all about the day and almost danced with joy. I hadn't thought about a prize at all, but if I had I'm sure this would have been beyond my imagination!
Just look at all those bead colors ....

For those curious to see all the winners in all the categories they are online now - here.

For those curious to see the first piece I made with some of the beads - here you go. Those peanut beads by Preciosa Ornela have wonderful metallic colors, and I thought a simple, yet elegant design would be the best for using them. The collar is so lightweight and comfortable although it's a large piece.

Wire knit collar "Egyptian Dream"

I am desperately trying to catch up after spending a few days with an uninvited bug who doesn't really feel like leaving although I tried to be as bad a host as possible ;-)
So let me quickly think about what else is new.

I got my first Daily Deviation on deviantArt which was a very pleasant surprise.
I got my first book cabinet set up and full of books which is a real progress in the process of moving everything downstairs. It's not a good idea however to try and move one by my own, not even to just set the upper part down on the floor - no worries, I got it before I was so dumb and actually tried it.
I had a fun photo session with Nicholas Crepea, a photographer from Munich (thank you so much again, Nicholas!), and hope to be able and show you some of the pictures on an extra page on my blog eventually.
All of my laundry is done (sometimes it's the little things that count).

Well. That's all for now, folks. I guess.

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