Time out

You wonder where I am? To be honest I wonder a bit myself. Things beyond my control are going on, and as you could tell I didn't feel much like posting and will probably not be around that much in the near future.

The good thing is that there are things still within my control, like the beads. There are a few finished pieces and a few WIPs.
Wanna see? Enjoy (although you'll have to deal with some bad sneak peek pics).

The Beader - if you take a close look and are a little familiar with seed beads, you might be able to see that this pattern was made after a close-up shot of seed beads.
Who knows who that will be? Actually he's finished already, but I'm waiting for a clasp order to get the cuff finished all the way. Little hint - there will be a companion eventually.

No sneak peek pic because this cuff was actually listed (oh miracle!). It's gone already, though.

Blue gingham. I struggled a lot with this cuff because the dark blue beads decided they ain't no friends o' mine. Thank you for nothing, silver lined matte cobalt blue. As you can see I didn't let them beat me!


  1. I miss you so much and think about you every day.

  2. I miss you too Cat! I hope everythings alright, and if you ever need an ear, shoulder, or other body part to lean on just let me know, I am always around!

    Glad to see the will to create is still strong, and youre making more and more beautiful works :D
    Dont be a stranger...we'll be thinking of you ^^ <3

    1. Thank you both. It means more to me than you might think.