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One New Year's Eve tradition in my family in the old days was to watch the movie which is so friendly to donate today's quote. It may be my blurry memory, but I feel it was on TV every year.
I still enjoy it today. It is ... well, mad ;-)

Imagine you and a few other people you have never seen before witness a fatal car accident, but before the driver dies, he tells you he hid a large amount of money years back and he wants all of you to have it instead of the authorities. Fishy, huh? Tempting, too? 350,000 $ are not exactly petty cash today and they weren't back in the 60s, that's for sure.
So a group of greedy people is setting out to find the money ... with hilarious side effects and with a frustrated policeman soon to be retired on their heels.

One of my favorite scenes is when they try to decide how to split the money, not an easy decision as you can guess. A big problem is the one guy's mother-in-law who is more than determined to get her share.

Benjy Benjamin: Hey, what are you trying to do, lady, trying to split us up, so it becomes every man for himself?
Ding Bell (towards Mrs Marcus, the mother-in-law): And every woman for himself?
Mrs. Marcus: One more funny remark from you, buster ...
Benjy Benjamin: Let's get out of here.
J. Russell Finch (the son-in-law): Please don't argue anymore. You heard everybody's ...
Benjy Benjamin: Look! We figured it 17 different ways. And every time we figured, it was no good. Because, no matter how we figured it, somebody didn't like the way we figured it. So now there's only way to figure it, and that is every man - including the old bag - for himself!
Ding Bell: So good luck and may the best man win!
Benjy Benjamin: Right! Except you, lady. May you just ... drop dead!
Lennie Pike: All right, all right. We all agree on that.

And the hunt begins ...

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  1. Bwhahahahaha....now I will have to see if I can find the movie. I need to see what happens.