Look! This is Jane. She is wearing her favorite red dress.
Look! There is Jane's cat. It's a girl cat. Her name is Blacky. Blacky likes to play with her cat toys.

So does Esme. Look! This is Esme's favorite toy these days, a knobbly, yellow ball, going thunk, thunk, thunk on the wooden floor ... early in the morning, late at night. For months this ball was as uninteresting as the organic cat kibbles I dared to offer the lady, but suddenly it turned up again. It falls down the stairs and gets carried back up.
As soon as I try to take a picture of the fascinating dribbling games I get to witness however, this is what I get instead ... a face with no expression whatsoever and a lonely ball wondering what it did wrong to suddenly be ignored.
"What? Ball? What ball?"

"That's not mine. I have never seen it in my life."

Not for long, though ... (no joke, of about 30 pictures I shot into the darkness this was the only one showing her with her paw actually touching the ball)

And if you want to know what else I am doing beside drawing stick girls and their cats and watching Esme playing with her ball (and listening!), here you go.
I'm taking beads and put them in wire knit tubes. They are not knobbly, but just that addictive (and some of them are already listed, here for example) ;-)

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  1. Esme is so cute :O) My cats no longer play, they just sleep away the hours in the sunshine if they can. Meg is 21 ish and Claude is 19 ish so play days are a thing of memory. I love the wire knit.