Playing with PicMonkey

Don't get me wrong, I'm still not happy about them taking my Picnik away. It's amazing how dependent you can become on a photo editor.
It suddenly went poof however although I had this tiny, silly hope until the very end when I clicked my bookmark and it told me "Oops. Something went wrong." Oh yes, it did.

Can't help it, though. So I moved over to PicMonkey and started playing with it, happy to see familiar features from Picnik. I just hope they'll give me my collages soon. I already miss them.

I have to be honest. The daguerrotype is pretty cool. It turned my golden, white, blue and black flower goddess (which you can find in my Zibbet shop here now) into this ... looks like fun, doesn't it?

Just imagine an archeologist bringing this picture home from one of his digs ;-)


  1. I feel exactly as you do about the demise of Picnik, and I've also switched over to PicMonkey. I like it well enough, but miss some of those 'advanced features' Picnik gave us for free after they announced their closing, like 'levels.' And others are missing the 'collage' feature, which I'd like to explore. I understand that PhotoScape is fairly easy and does have the collage feature. Great blog post!

    1. Yeah, I have the hope that PicMonkey will come up with some more goodies.
      I played with PhotoScape, but it didn't do everything the way I wanted. A mix of both would be nice, but I don't want to sound greedy. At least there is something at all!
      Thank you for the comment.