Quote of the week

I'm a Blackadder fan, since I have quoted from the series before, it's too late to hide that. One of my favorites is the Christmas story, quite loosely based on Dickens's story ....

Blackadder: Nuts, turkey and presents. What more could a man desire at Christmas?
Baldrick: Well, a tree.
Blackadder: Oh, of course, I quite forgot. I dropped in on Mister Thicktwistle's Garden Emporium and, I think you'll agree, got quite a bargain on this special Christmas ... twig.

Unfortunately we won't get to see this "enormous" twig decorated as Mr. Blackadder's niece takes it away later. What a pity, I bet it would have looked splendid!

P.S. Charlie Brown and his little tree comes to mind, don't you think? ;-)

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