Not a Monday collection ...

Let's make it short and crisp. I left ArtFire. It doesn't matter when, why, where, who, what ... I left and that's that.
Most of my items are moved to my Zibbet shop already. That's all that is changing, promise.
Well, there's one more thing. I don't make the Monday collections anymore now. Instead the Monday will be reserved to either artist features or my finds of the week. Unfortunately my decision came rather sudden which means I was totally unprepared for today (and also means that I neglected to send all kinds of Christmas greetings, shame on me).

I'll do my best to distract you with a picture instead. Look, it's a cat with a box!

Shhh ... did it work?


  1. ohhhh a cat and a box, and it's a black and white cat--one of my favorites. Sorry to hear things have been tossed around for you. But the cat picture worked for me very well!

  2. It would have worked for me also, hehe.
    And things being tossed around keeps me young! I swear I don't feel a minute older than 46 and a half! Took three days right off! *lmao*

  3. I'm still making my decision, but can relate!

  4. Nothing cuter than a cat in a box unless it's a cat in a bag!

    Good luck with your other shops, Cat. I think most of us have been thrown for a loop recently.

  5. I think everyone has to decide for herself or himself what to do about this. I'm actually feeling good about my decision, so it was the right thing for me.

    Dawn, I do have cat in a bag pictures! Good to know, I'll put them to distracting use soon maybe ;-)