Experiment and a torso

Not experiments with a torso, you crazy people! ;-)
Let's talk about the experiment first (in the meanwhile you can fuel your fantasies about the torso). You know that when I learn a new technique, I have to think of a way how to combine it with the "old" ones. Ever since I started bead looming, my brain has been going click, click, click about how to bring it together with wire crochet. The very first attempt was pathetic to say the least. I didn't even rip up the cuff yet because I hate to separate tiny beads, even if there are only two colors.

Of course I was inspired by Erin Simonetti after seeing her using kumihimo threads in her work. If you can use thicker threads, you can use wire crochet ropes, can't you?
Here's news for you. You can.
Keep in mind, this is an experimental piece, but after learning a few essentials from this one, I think there are quite a few possibilities to play with this and I'm looking forward to it!

Now the torso. Gee, people, really. You'll be disappointed. Meet Ms Newberry (and no, there's no story to the name, it just popped up in my mind).
Ms Newberry started her job today - after a short introduction yesterday. Her job description is to stand in my upstairs kitchen all day and to model a longer necklace from time to time. She's wearing a little outfit in decent grey at the moment. I might have to keep her away from the computer, I don't want her to start ordering less decent outfits!
I know she's not a torso, she's a personality with ... hm ... with arms, but without head or legs. I don't know much more about her yet except the fact that you have to be careful with her arms when you carry her around because she likes to lose them. If she develops any more interesting quirks, I'll let you know ;-)

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