Friday Musings Illustrated

I bet you know the excitement of finding a long expected parcel in your mailbox. This landed in my mailbox yesterday as part of a swap in my bead looming group (if you are curious and want to know more about bead looming, check out Erin Simonetti's blog, but be sure to sit while having a look), it came all the way from Australia from the lovely Gretchen.
Isn't it beautiful and slinky? And it's MINE!

I haven't shared my latest adventures in looming with you for a while. These are just a few of my latest cuffs. As you can see I'm still experimenting.

I have been wanting to tell you about this snail for a while. The talented ColtPixy (sssh, she has a 50 % clearance sale in her ArtFire studio right now!!) swapped her for some of my things. I'm totally in love with her, can you see why?

What else have I been up to ... let me think. I listed more pieces, I took pictures, I scheduled blog posts and I have to giggle every time I hear the name Tesla, but that's a long story. I cooked, I keep struggling with level 50 of an online game and yell /$%§/$/"" a lot. I give Esme her pills and am happy that she comes back to me afterwards instead of hiding. I am working on an eye pendant, slightly creepy, but fun.
And I had a far too long nap this afternoon which kept me from folding the laundry. What a shame ;-) You won't get to see a picture of that, either. Oh yeah, I should write two e-mails quite urgently.

One more last picture before I go, for those who don't read Ponder's blog. Isn't he like a visitor from the past?


  1. I love this cuff too and next to yours, it's a total eye candy factory!

  2. Thank you, Erin!
    I really need to talk about looming here more, it has become such a big part of my life by now.

  3. Thank you, Sue :-)
    Believe me, in all my life with cats I have never come across anything like that. Greebo takes pills pretty well now, but we fought for so long. Now Esme was never sick, so I'm amazed at how quickly she's adapting to everything!

  4. Your looming experiments are really impressive, you really have a talent for it!